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Electric Vehicle Owners’ Stressers


Electric vehicles (EVs) are on the rise, but so are the worries that come with them: charge anxiety and range anxiety. Ideal Power wanted to understand how widespread these concerns are, so they commissioned Quantum Research Group LLC to survey EV owners.

Key Takeaways

  • 1 in 10 EV owners have waited an hour or more for a charging spot.

  • 42% of EV owners would be willing to pay an additional fee (on average, $15) to reserve a charging spot.

  • 16% of EV owners have completely run out of charge.

  • While 44% of EV owners say range anxiety has negatively impacted their overall satisfaction with owning an EV, 91% of EV drivers say their next car will be an EV. 

Unpacking Charge Anxiety

Understanding the charging habits of electric vehicle (EV) drivers sheds light on more than just their daily routines—it highlights underlying concerns related to charge anxiety. This form of anxiety encompasses the stress EV owners feel about finding and using charging stations. It includes worries about finding an available spot, dealing with incompatible charging equipment, or encountering broken chargers. Our findings show that 70% of EV drivers charge their vehicles mostly at home, while 14% split their charging time between home and public stations. Another 16% rely primarily on public charging stations.  Let’s explore how these habits are connected to the broader issue of charge anxiety.


Our findings indicate a significant tension point for owners: one in ten has faced the frustrating scenario of waiting over an hour for a charging spot. Moreover, the willingness to mitigate this inconvenience with additional costs is notable; 42% of EV owners are prepared to pay, on average, $15 to reserve a spot ahead of time. Diving deeper, there’s a discernible variance in this willingness between different EV demographics, with 39% of Tesla owners and 47% of non-Tesla EV owners agreeing to such fees. 

Exploring the Impact of Range Anxiety on EV Owners

Another common concern among EV owners is range anxiety, which is the fear that the vehicle's battery will run out before reaching the destination or a charging station. This anxiety can affect the overall driving experience, making it crucial to understand its impact on EV owners.


A surprising discovery emerges from our analysis: 16% of electric vehicle (EV) owners have run completely out of charge at least once. However, only a minor segment, 4%, have encountered this more than once. Moreover, 44% of EV owners have reported that range anxiety has negatively impacted their overall satisfaction with owning an electric vehicle. These findings provide insight into the experiences and challenges faced by EV drivers. Twenty-one percent of non-Tesla owning EV drivers have completely run out of charge, compared to just 12% of Tesla drivers.

Stress Factors and Future Choices Among EV Drivers

With charge anxiety and range anxiety added to the lives of EV-drivers, it begs the question, do EV drivers regret making the switch? 


The findings reveal a nuanced landscape of EV ownership. While range anxiety edges out charge anxiety as a bigger stressor for 56% of drivers, the issue of charging infrastructure remains significant for 44%. Despite these anxieties, a substantial majority, 91% of EV drivers, express their intention to stick with electric vehicles for their next car purchase, underscoring a strong commitment to electric mobility.

Charging Forward

The insights from current EV owners point to a resilient commitment to electric mobility, despite the challenges posed by charge and range anxieties. As we look to the future, the industry's focus must be on enhancing charging infrastructure and improving the EV experience to address these concerns effectively. This concerted effort will not only cater to existing electric vehicle owners but also pave the way for a new wave of adopters, ensuring that the journey towards a sustainable, electric-driven future continues with greater momentum and fewer roadblocks.


Quantum Research Group LLC surveyed 305 EV owners about their experiences with charge anxiety and range anxiety, on behalf of Ideal Power. 56% of those surveyed owned a Tesla, while 44% owned a different brand of EV.

About Ideal Power

Ideal Power is at the forefront of innovating energy control solutions, focusing on the development and commercialization of its patented B-TRAN™ semiconductor power switch. Their technology caters to a range of applications including electric vehicles, renewable energy, and energy storage, aiming to enhance efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

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