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Digital Investor Relations

We work to get your story out to the marketplace
and make sure investors understand the opportunity.
We make small-cap stocks financeable.

Our integrative approach includes outreach to investors and shareholders through media exposure; road shows orchestrated for brokers, dealers, institutions and family funds; and directed outreach to industry analysts and professionals to tell the story of your value and why you’re important to pay attention to now. 

Our job is to get investors to understand the opportunity and to create a sense of urgency to own the stock as the team works on increasing shareholder value. 


We target institutional and retail investors, funds, family offices and high net-worth individuals and your existing investors with the most compelling story that builds confidence and interest in the company and attracts new investors. We’ll help you build momentum for the investment opportunity.



Strong established relationships in the IR community and a reputation built on quality work and results allow us to educate the market on your company’s equity story. 


We’re hands-on and responsive, and unlike many IR firms, we don’t just set appointments and send out earnings releases. We act as an extension of your team, there with you in the trenches, leveraging our expertise and network to proactively engage as your frontline storytellers, engaging with the right stakeholders on your behalf. We build communities on Discord and Telegram, and take the conversation to your target audience. 


We provide comprehensive advisory services beyond traditional Investor Relations. And we will work on any issues that might negatively impact stock prices and volume, and affect investor sentiment. 

Case Studies

We get in the trenches with shareholders. They call us "scrappy."

Let us show you how we do it. 

and Approach

We believe it is extremely important to get in the trenches with shareholders and prospects by effectively communicating on a daily basis, especially in a bear market such as the one we are currently experiencing.


Let's talk about
your investor  communications strategy

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Ari Zoldan

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