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Investor Insights into Psychedelic Stocks


In partnership with Quantum Research Group LLC, Incannex has tapped into the investor sentiment surrounding the psychedelic stock sector. Our survey has captured the viewpoints of over 500 stock investors, revealing a landscape ripe with both opportunities and hesitations.

  • While 66% of stock investors are psychedelic-friendly (have invested in at least one psychedelic stock or are considering investing), only 6% are currently invested in one or more psychedelic stocks. 

  • 66% of psychedelic-friendly investors are planning on increasing their investments in these stocks over the next 12 months. 

  • 77% of psychedelic-friendly investors rely on financial news websites for their investing information.

Key Takeaways

Psychedelic Stocks on the Rise

Discover what's drawing investors to psychedelic stocks and their future market predictions.


Although a significant 66% of investors express openness to the idea of psychedelic investments, only a small fraction—6%—currently have stakes in the market. This apparent contradiction highlights a cautious optimism; while many are ready to embrace these innovative stocks, actual financial commitment remains low. Among those considering or already investing, a robust 66% plan to expand their holdings within the next year, driven by potential advancements in psychedelic research and its implications for the pharmaceutical industry. Additionally, 23% of investors are significantly influenced by the potential of psychedelics in mental-health treatment. Another 67% believe that advancements in psychedelic research will positively impact the pharmaceutical industry as a whole, and 57% are optimistic about the market growth in the psychedelic sector.

So What’s Holding Investors Back?

Explore the key factors causing investors to hesitate when it comes to psychedelic stocks. From regulatory uncertainties to market dynamics, understand what's keeping investment levels lower than potential interest suggests.


Despite the burgeoning interest, certain barriers are restraining a more substantial financial commitment. Regulatory uncertainties top the list of concerns, cited by 47% of investors, followed closely by worries about market volatility. A lack of detailed knowledge about the medical applications of psychedelics also plays a significant role, with more than half of investors admitting gaps in their understanding of how psychedelics can be used in various treatments—from chronic pain management to addiction therapy:


  • 54% do not understand their application in palliative care, including anxiety reduction at the end of life.

  • 53% are unaware of their use in chronic pain management.

  • 50% do not recognize their role in addiction therapy, including alcoholism and nicotine dependence.

  • 37% are uninformed about their experimental use in neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

  • 17% of investors are not aware of the use of psychedelics in treating mental-health disorders like depression, PTSD, and anxiety.

Seizing the Moment in Psychedelic Stocks

As we navigate the intricacies of the psychedelic stock market, the survey indicates that the sector presents a considerable opportunity for early investors. The discrepancy between interest and investment levels suggests a market on the cusp of significant growth. As the industry continues to mature and more information becomes available, those who choose to invest early might find themselves well-positioned to benefit from this promising sector.


On behalf of Incannex, Quantum Research Group LLC surveyed 541 stock investors about their views on psychedelic stocks. Seven percent of respondents were Baby Boomers, 25% were Gen X, 56% were Millennials, and 12% were Gen Z. This survey was conducted in April 2024.

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